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Earthen Acreage Ponds & Lakes Specialist. Learn more below –


Our Story

We no longer offer “anything and everything” dirt work. After discovering our most notable skill and passion for the pond and lake world, we offer you primarily pond & lake specialty services, which we have dedicated our full concentration towards since 2019… Learn more about it below.

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Local Specialty Pond & Lake Contractor | Family Owned. Est. 2016

About Bulletproof Landworks (Offical Info.);


Bulletproof Landworks, LLC. Established in 2016. Based in Basehor, KS. (66007.)

Bulletproof Landworks is defined as an Excavation and Site Development Specialty Contractor for Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial areas in North-East Kansas and North-West Missouri.

Offering Specialty Services for Pond and Lakes. Including; Design & Surveying,  Construction and Installation, Expansion, Repairs, Renovation, Land Management, Maintenance, and more.

We want to openly educate and share, communicate and connect with you like everyday humans (not robots). Most of all, provide you with customized pond & lake services that ultimately give back not only to you for your total enjoyment and use – but to add value to the enviroment and/or community.

We can’t wait for you to experience what it’s like to fully enjoy working with Pond & Lake Builders.”

Why Bulletproof? What’s“Bulletproof” mean?

This a great question that we’re asked often! Although yes, it’s an unusual name, it does have a significant meaning.

Bulletproof symbolizes the greatest quality. “Unbreakable Grade,” if you will. To us, it represents the standard of the extent of tremendous work and commitment that we put into what we accomplish daily.

Bulletproof Landworks is a name that symbolizes something positively memorable to you. We believe the name “Bulletproof” will help aid us with accomplishing that memorable objective.

2016 :

Bulletproof’s story officially began like most – with the pure joy and love of mastering the craft from the work we provide, along with the equipment we run, the connections we make, and the smiles we share through our projects… At this time we did “everything and anything” dirt work, excavation, or earthmoving.

We honed our skills, gaining a well-rounded education and experience in our industry.

Our Background – Before Ponds / Lakes 

Unofficially dating back earlier than 2014 (when we where not yet a ‘real’ legally recognized company…

Bulletproof originates from a background in landscaping, hardscaping, drainage, gravel driveways, brush hogging, forestry, and land/tree clearing. Along with excavation services such as building pads, finish grading, pool excavation, and leveling…

For years, we did “everything and anything” a variety of services that would allow us to use our professional earthmoving equipment and skillset.

Our Love of Ponds / Lakes Began:

Our passion for pond construction itself began after Bulletproof’s first few pond renovations and installations in 2019… With a newfound love and skill for ponds & lakes, we made an intentional decision to focus our attention towards niching down and specializing in this area of service.


We haven’t looked back since then, and commit to focusing primarily on ponds/lakes education and service now and into the future.

Sharing What We Know With YOU | Neverending Education


Over the years, we’ve listened to you and our community – Being “different” and trusted as your contractor is more than a matter of cookie cutter fancy words, affiliations, or sugar coated open-ended promises… We aim to earn your trust by continuing to share with you answers to what you want to know or see through our website, media, video, events, and other sources. Along with offering pond & lake service that is consistently modernizing and customizing to fit your personal values and needs.

A Few Things You Might Like 


> 3D Designs, Drone Surveying, Quick Drilling for Test Holes, Updated (maintained and newer) Efficient Earthmoving Equipment.


> Online scheduling & payment options. + Easy to publically access rough pricing on our pricing pages online.


> Highly Reviewed across all platforms. (No less than a 4.9 / 5 star rating) + Recommendations, certifications, and photos for more proof of doing / experiences given if you request it.


> Active and responsive on multiple social media platforms, including YouTube… We document some of our projects on YouTube and share across other platforms to bring you along to witness our work, updated information, and overall what we’re up to.


> Our Growing Education Center Page.




We are making a conscious effort to continue expanding our education, media, and content resources, connecting with you and our communities on a greater level, while expanding our service area for specialty services for Ponds and Lakes.

Our Dedicated Team

Bulletproof is about fostering a culture of compassion, professionalism, leadership, and motivated individuals to serve our communities with the best standard of quality excavation specialty pond and lake services. By doing this, together, we will build the legacy of Bulletproof.