About Bulletproof Ponds and lakes

Our background and story of Bulletproof Pond and Lake, Formerly, Bulletproof Landworks. Learn about us below:

Local Specialty Pond & Lake Contractor | Est. 2016. | Based near Kansas City. | KS, MO, NE, OK, and more.

About Bulletproof Pond and Lake;


Bulletproof Pond and Lake, LLC. Formerly, Bulletproof Landworks LLC. Established in 2016. Based in Basehor, KS. (66007.)

Bulletproof Pond and Lake is a Pond and Lake Construction Specialty Contractor for Residential, Rural, Agricultural, and Commercial areas in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and other surrounding states in the midwest and plains. 🌾

Offering Specialty Excavation and Site Development Services primarily relating to large acreage ponds, Lake construction, and other waterways such as creeks, rivers, and levees. Including; Design, Mapping and Surveying,  Construction, Expansion, Repairs and leaks, Renovations, and Additions, as well as meticulous Maintenance solutions and more.

We DO NOT currently offer : Chemical treatments for management or aquatic life/fish stocking. We have a referral list of qualified professionals we may connect you with.


Why Bulletproof? What does “Bulletproof” mean?

This a great question that we’re asked often! Although it may be an unusual name, it does have a significant meaning.


“Bulletproof” may be unconventional, but it carries a profound significance. It embodies the highest standard, representing an unbreakable grade we strive to achieve. We take great pride in the structural integrity, precision, and unwavering commitment we bring to each project.


 Bulletproof Pond and Lake is a name that leaves a lasting impression on you and us. We believe that the name itself will help us accomplish our remarkable objective of delivering memorable experiences and exceptional results.

2016: Before Ponds & Lakes.  

Exploring the Earth Moving World. Discovering and Establishing an Expert Skillset.

Bulletproof’s vibrant story commenced, ignited by a passionate pursuit of excellence fueled by a love for our craft. 🔥💙


During those thrilling early days, our services knew no boundaries. With an audacious spirit, we fearlessly proclaimed to provide “everything and anything” in the realm of dirt work, excavation, and earthmoving.




No challenge seemed to have deterred us.


Bulletproof’s humble origins trace back to a time before the company’s establishment in 2016.


Initially rooted in landscaping, hardscaping, drainage, forestry, and land/tree clearing, our expertise expanded to encompass excavation services like building pads, finish grading, pool excavation, and precision leveling.




During those formative years, we embraced diverse projects, eagerly taking on any task that enabled us to utilize our professional earthmoving equipment and showcase our skillset.


This “everything and anything” approach allowed us to refine our capabilities and establish a solid foundation for future growth.







2019: Our Love for Ponds Begins.

Unveiling Our Niche: Embarking on an Endless Journey of Transformative Pond Construction Projects.

Ignited by the mesmerizing allure of pond construction, Bulletproof’s journey took an exhilarating turn with pond renovations and installations.



A profound love blossomed, accompanied by a deep-seated appreciation for the artistry of ponds and lakes.


Fueled by this newfound passion, our team consciously embraced a deliberate path, narrowing our focus to specialize and continue our ongoing education in this captivating world of Ponds, Lakes, and Waterways.




Since that pivotal moment, there has been no turning back.


We have wholeheartedly devoted ourselves to the world of ponds, lakes, and waterways, channeling our expertise, expanding our knowledge and experiences, openly sharing invaluable knowledge, and delivering unparalleled service.


We continue to forge ahead with unwavering commitment, leaving a lasting impression on the ever-evolving landscape of aquatic wonders. 




Land Management Bulletproof Landworks



Today: Pond and Lake Specialists

Focusing on Education, Growth, and Sharing More with You.

In our journey, we have listened attentively to you and our community. We understand that being a trusted contractor goes beyond mere superficiality – it requires more than fancy words, affiliations, or empty promises.


Our commitment is to earn your trust by providing straightforward, credible answers to your questions and offering transparent information through our website, media platforms, videos, events, and other channels.


We strive to meet your evolving needs and values with our pond, lake, and waterway services and continuously modernize our offerings and state-of-the-art technology.


Bulletproof is dedicated to expanding our education, media, and content resources for ponds and lakes, aiming to connect with you and our communities on a deeper level.


Moreover, we are extending our service area in Kansas, Missouri, and more midwest states to cater to specialty services for Ponds, Lakes, and other Waterways.


Our ultimate goal is to foster genuine relationships built on trust and to be a valuable resource for you.


Together, we will navigate the ever-changing landscape, embracing growth and expanding horizons.



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