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About Bulletproof Landworks

Bulletproof Landworks, LLC. Established in 2016. Based in Basehor, KS. (66007.)

Bulletproof Landworks is an Excavation and Land Management Contractor for Residential and Commercial areas in North-East Kansas. Offering a wide array of services, from Excavation and Grading, Land Clearing & Pond Construction


“As a young company, filled with bright & motivated individuals, our story has just begun. We can’t wait for you to experience what it’s like to enjoy working with an excavating and land management company.”

Bottom Line

We strive to keep our customers informed and confident in the processes of their projects at all times. By incorporating communication, dependability, and integrity into everything we do. At Bulletproof, we reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with customers, co-workers, and the communities we serve.

Our team takes pride in providing our customers with dependable solutions while not cutting any corners. Along with emphasizing compassion and quality workmanship while striving to go the “extra mile” in each project to ensure standards are met, preferably exceeded. 

Bulletproof Landworks Owners Photo

Ryan Cowart & Lexi Carmichael

Owner & Founder | Operations Director

Owner | Office Director

To us, Bulletproof’s story is more than just our background or timeline. Bulletproof’s story really begins with the realization of the stereotypes in our industry. The outdated ways of doing business and the overall lack of diversity, modernization, and ethics in the workplace. Since then, we have made our mission to be the change, while providing innovative solutions & dependable service to an ever-aging industry.

– Lexi (Co-Owner | Office Director & G.M.)


It all started with a passion for defying odds, tackling never-ending challenges, and the unwavering dedication to making long-lasting impacts in other people’s lives… In addition, we cannot forget to add… Of course – the enjoyment of running our equipment!

– Ryan (Founder & Co-Owner | Operations Director)



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Why Bulletproof? What’s“Bulletproof” mean?

Bulletproof symbolize the greatest quality. However, to us, it also represents the extent of tremendous work and commitment that goes into what we do. 

What Makes Us Different?

We have noticed that in the excavation contracting industry (and let’s face it, most industries), many companies cut corners and make promises they cannot keep. Here at Bulletproof Landworks, we aim to break the stereotypes and the same old traditional ways of operation. All while helping you understand and enjoy your project just as much as we do!

Communication, collaboration, updated training, focus on compassion and ethics, along with integrating more modern tools and technology are just a few things that we do differently. Our team is upfront, supportive, and honest.

Throughout the entirety of your project, our team is here to walk you through every step. 

Our Dedicated Team

Bulletproof is about fostering a culture of compassion, diversity, and motivated individuals to serve our communities with the best quality of land management and pond services. By doing this, together, we will build the legacy of Bulletproof.