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See for yourself that we’re more than “just” a Pond & Lake Company… We do what we love with purpose!

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Local Specialty Pond & Lake Contractor | Family Owned. Est. 2016

About Bulletproof Landworks

Bulletproof Landworks, LLC. Established in 2016. Based in Basehor, KS. (66007.)

Bulletproof Landworks is an Excavation and Site Development Specialty Contractor for Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial areas in North-East Kansas and North-West Missouri. Offering Specialty Services for Pond and Lakes. Including; Design & Surveying,  Construction and Installation, Expansion, Dredging, Repairs, Maintenance, and more.

“As a young company, filled with motivated and knowledgeable individuals, our story just began six years ago… We’re committed to implementing more modern tools, easy-to-understand, and straight forward communicative approaches when it comes to educating, communicating, and working together with a specialty contractor company. We can’t wait for you to experience what it’s like to really enjoy working with Pond and Lake Builders.” – Lexi / Co-Owner & COO.

Meet Our Owners!

Founder, Ryan Cowart | Co-Owner, Lexi Carmichael

To us, Bulletproof’s story is more than just our background or timeline...”


In 2016, Bulletproof’s story really begins like most – with the pure joy and love of mastering the work we provide and the equipment we run… With the satisfaction our team and customers share through the entirety of our projects.


IF we’re getting technical here, unofficially dating back earlier than 2016.


2018-2020, our passion became deeper than that –

Smacked with the hard realization of all the stereotypes, open promises, outdated ways of doing business, and overall lack of straightforward, diversity, modernization, and ethics in the contracting and construction world… (and let’s be honest, that’s keeping it sweet.)


We got to work to raise the standard of the contracting and construction world — Starting with our ways of operation…

Deliver the new standard as a specialty pond and lake builder. Modern techniques, friendly and professional qualified staff, educational resources, and consistent upfront communication, collaboration, and support… 


2018-2022 + Today, making a conscious effort to continue growing our updated education and content greater, connecting on a greater level with our customers and community, and expanding our service area while providing the safest, top-quality specialty services for Ponds and Lakes has become some of our greatest priorities.”

To be More Specific: We Incorporated Modern Tools & Technology + Updated Approaches … client Favorites : 

Simple scheduling and flexible payment process options, including online.


Drone surveying and 3D design options & estimation for accurate bidding for your custom Lake or Pond.



Efficient, modern, and safely-equipped equipment and gear on the job for our professional team and your project and property.


  General rough pricing of what you can expect and prepare for, all found on our website.   


Resources for educational content on YouTube and other Social Media to update, educate and connect with you while consistently developing updated processes that are easier to understand. Especially for those who aren’t involved in what we do every day… Translating construction or “contractor lingo” to make it make sense.


 Consistent communication, collaboration, ongoing education, compassion and ethics, and the integration of more modern tools and technology are just a few things we continue to do differently…We work towards always being upfront, supportive, and honest with you from the beginning.


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Why Bulletproof? What’s“Bulletproof” mean?

A great question that we’re asked often! Although yes, it’s a pretty “cool” unusual name, it does have significant meaning – Bulletproof simply symbolizes the greatest quality. However, to us, it also represents the standard of the extent of tremendous work and commitment that we put into what we do daily.

Our Dedicated Team

Bulletproof is about fostering a culture of compassion, professionalism, leadership, and diverse, motivated individuals to serve our communities with the best standard of quality excavation specialty pond and lake services. By doing this, together, we will build the legacy of Bulletproof.