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Pond and Lake Design, Surveying , Soil Analysis, and Planning in Kansas & Missouri area. Looking for pond design in Kansas City or the Midwest? We can help!




Pond & Lake Prices

Congratulations! – You’re probably preparing for the Designing or Surveying for the planning of your future construction or expansion of your unique pond or lake.

We’re thrilled you’re here. 

Below — find our general rough pricing of what to expect for the Pond Design & Surveying portion of your project. 



“Informing customers of what to generally expect before connecting gives them a sense of security and trust. It prepares them, really setting the tone for total transparency…. Rather than keeping that info. private, we put it all out on the table immediately.” – Ryan (Founder & CEO).

Project Plans


  • Survey of your pond or lake site in Kansas or Missouri
  • .PDF site plans &  Cut/Fill Maps designed specifically for your project
  • Multiple 3d renderings of the proposed project.
  • Up to 3 revisions $250/revision thereafter.
  • 4-6 test holes excavated 10′ deep throughout the site to determine soil qualities.



What affects the cost of our Plans?

Please note that all prices are rough numbers and not quotations.

  • How many revisions are incurred throughout the process?

Transforming your land into a functional custom-designed pond or lake – It’s what we do best. 


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