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Pond & Lake Maintenance and Additions Prices for KS & MO + Surrounding States

Are you looking for professional expertise and guidance with pond additions or repair and maintenance services in Kansas City, Northwest Missouri, Northeast Kansas, and surrounding areas? Bulletproof Landworks can help! In addition to being the go-to for pond building services, our team of local pond maintenance and repair experts is here for your next project.


You’re likely preparing for the planning of maintenance or repair for your pond or lake.

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Below — find our general rough pricing of what to expect for your project’s pond repairs, lake maintenance, and additions for your pond or lake.



“Informing customers of what to generally expect before connecting gives them a sense of security and trust. It prepares them, really setting the tone for total transparency…. Rather than keeping that info. private, we put it all out on the table immediately.”

Dam Coring

$170-$305/linear ft

(Based on a 15′ tall dam and a 6′ wide core – Usually only 30′ of the dam needs to be cored)


What affects the cost?

Please note that all prices are rough numbers and not quotations.

  • How far away will we have to travel to get good clay?
  • Is the dam big enough for heavy equipment?
  • Are there any trees in the way?
  • How much of the dam needs repairing?

Spillway Replacement

$6,000-$10,000 / replacement


What affects the cost?

Please note that all prices are rough numbers and not quotations.

  • Will trees need to be removed?
  • How steep is the dam?
  • What type of overflow is being replaced?
  • How large of an overflow pipe is being replaced?

Sodium Bentonite Application

$1-$1.5/sq ft


What affects the cost?

Please note that all prices are rough numbers and not quotations.

  • Will the pond need to be drained?
  • What type of soil is the pond made of?
  • How accessible is the inside of the pond?

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Our pricing for more of our pond and lake additions, repairs, and maintenance is being updated. It will be made available to you soon. Check back in later!

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