Pond & Lake Leaks, and Repair Services in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and more Midwest States

Do you need pond repair in Kansas City or the Midwest? We can help! Spillway and Overflow Solutions, Culvert Replacements, Dam Management, Lake & Pond Maintenance, and Leak Repairs and more large pond and lake services in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and more surrounding States.


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Dam Seepage Repair

  • Leakage Repair Solutions for your Dam.
  • Often diagnosed by wet or swampy spots on the back side of your dam.



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Overflow Pipe Replacement

  • Replacement of overflow pipes due to collapse, leaking, corrosion, or improper installation.



$20,000/Overflow System

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Find other services & pricing for Pond & Lake Renovation and Additions. Coming Soon to Our Website. Contact Us for the Most Updated Information on Pond and Lake Renovation Today.

  • Pond or Lake Renovations and Muck-Out
  • New Pond Construction
  • Pond & Lake Maintenance



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