Acreage Pond & Lake Services in Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas & The Midwest

Whether at your ranch, farmland, home, hunting property, or business, Bulletproof’s experienced Kansas & Missouri pond service contractors will help you create the lake, pond or other waterway that you will enjoy and utilize for decades to come.


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Turn-Key Pond and Lake Construction Specialist Services in Kansas City, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and other Midwest and Great Plains States.

Bulletproof’s Lake & Pond Services in Missouri, Kansas & The Midwest and Great Plains


Pond & Lake Service Consulting

Expert Meetings, Guidance, and Inspections for Ponds, Lakes, and Other Waterways.



Survey / Mapping / Design

Using the most recent state-of-the-art technology to accurately survey, map, and design Ponds, Lakes, and Other Waterways. 



Professional Inspection + NOW Less-Invasive Testing of Pond or Lake Structural Health and Integrity.


new installation construction

Custom Built Acreage Ponds, Lakes, and Other Waterways. Excavated using specialized equipment and service pros.



repairs / leaks / maintenance

Dam Management and Leak Solutions, Water Loss Remediation, Spillway / Culvert Replacements, Pond Repair, and Erosion Control for Ponds and Lakes. *WE DO NOT OFFER CHEMICAL TREATMENTS*


renovation / additions

Expansions, Shoreline Rock Additions / Erosion Control, Beach Installation, Boat Ramps, and more for Ponds, Lakes, and Other Waterways.


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Our Midwest Pond and Lake Service Areas

We specialize in pond services in Kansas City and Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, as well as Midwestern States Pond and Lake excavation and pond installation. We now service many midwestern states including Arkansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, and more.

Our home base is in Basehor, KS.

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